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Our products have been specially designed by Japanese eyelash estheticians.  After honing up her knowledge in the business from both Japan and the United States, she opened up her own salon in California. Studying the various types of hair through her clients, her passion to design extensions that could better suit Asian lashes, that are generally thinner and softer than most, to hold up with strength and comfort.  Not only just the clients but with professionals in mind, the product is considered for quality and easy application from all aspects.  We strive to have both the client and professional satisfied with our product.

Our mission is to continue producing a high quality product that can be compatible with all kinds of hair that will not cause any damage to the clients lashes so they can be pleased and continue the service, and to aid in the future success of lash extension salons.  

JP LASHの商品は日本人のマツエク施術者Saikoによってデザインされました。Saikoは日本とアメリカで技術を習得しカリフォルニアでサロン経営をしながらさまざまな客の毛質を観察し、もっと上質で、またアジア人のような細くて柔らかい毛質でも対応できるように軽さ、柔らかさ、品質全てにおいて細かくデザインしたいという思いが強くなりました。また施術者 が施術しやすいようストリップテープの質、粘着レベルなどにも力をいれました。全ての毛質に対応できる質の高さ、また施術者側からも使いやすさを兼ね備えたJPLASHのエクステンションが、お客様と施術者の双方から満足を頂けると自負しています。





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