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Power Gel Remover

Power Gel Remover.

To easily take off difficult to remove volume lash extensions.

Power Gel Remover

SKU: PwRemover
  • The Power Gel Remover will easily take off hard-to-remove volume lash extensions in a flash.


    Before, Gel Removers came in a bottle with a fitted cap which required the user to take the cap off and on, but with the JP Lash Power Gel Remover, the pump mechanism takes the unnecessary step out, making it easier for the user.


    How to use:

    1. Remove the cap, pump the gel remover onto the tray.

    2. Scoop the gel remover with the microchip, put it on the lash extension you want to remove.

    3. Roughly1 to 2 minutes after application, using the microchip or tweezers, gently remove the extension from the lash.


    After use, wipe off excess gel from pump before putting the cap back on.


    Power gel removerは取れにくいボリュームラッシュエクステもあっというまにリムーブできます。ワンプッシュで液が出せるのでフタを開け閉めせず簡単です。


    1 キャップを外し、プッシュしてリムーバーをトレイの上にだします。

    2 マイクロチップでリムーバーをすくい、取りたいまつエクの上に載せます。

    3 約1、2分置いてからマイクロチップまたはツイザーでまつエクをまつげからはがします。



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